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Add mech SKINS

savage doge 3 years ago updated by Storm Crow 3 years ago 14

Add mech skins 


Mines (bug)

savage doge 3 years ago updated by Rezoner Sikorski 3 years ago 4

Whenever you are dead, you can still use the mines (clicking Q and E) and i did it and it killed someone xD, but it is a bug and a powerful one.

If dislike , say why because i keep getting no reasons and this is a bug

Under review

Ejecting From the Mech?

Bigness 3 years ago updated by mechariogame 3 years ago 7

A Mech is a vehicle with a human rider inside.  If the Mech were to be in trouble, the pilot could eject himself, like fighter jet pilots.  There can be a small percentage of escaping your Mech when it is destroyed.  You will die with one shot from a machine gun, but you have a small size and fast speed to escape and hide.  You can be armed with weak weapons, like a magnum or an assault rifle.  There would be a timer you have to survive out of your mech, then your mech would rebuild and you can join back in the fray.  You're welcome to dislike it you disagree, I totally understand it might be unnecessary.  Maybe it'll be a good way to protect your high amount of kills.


Basic gun balance

Egzekutor 3 years ago updated by RallyPoint 3 years ago 13

Hello, playing in game i noticed, basic gun is really strong. I can say too strong comparing to other weapons. This gun have good shooting rate, insane range and big dmg. Also possibility of spamming this strong bullets make this weapon very dangerous because when you stop using shield your hp can very fast decrease. 

I think this weapon need strong nerf and players agree with me, because i talked about it in game. I hope this weapon will be good balanced.

Regards, Egzekutor


Railgun can be shoot through walls

savage doge 3 years ago updated by anthony tisi 3 years ago 6

When you shoot the rail gun at a wall, it goes through the wall, I think it is a bug.

Screenshot of the weapon:


Switching Weapons

Mac 3 years ago updated by Rezoner Sikorski 3 years ago 11

Instead of using 123456 to change weapons, it should be the scroll wheel. Why? It's very hard for me to press 6 or 5 while i'm trying to backtrack from an enemy.

mechariogame 3 years ago



First feelings about game

Egzekutor 3 years ago updated by savage doge 3 years ago 3

Well game looks not bad, and i see potential. But this is still fresh beta so i can't hate things. First of all i think this game needs something similar like in wilds like double kill etc. Action is faster in this game so you can fast kill other mechs.

Other thing is weapon selection bar. Because the action is fast sometimes you have to quickly change your weapon and I think it should be possible to do it using the mouse wheel.

Weapons should disappear from the inventory after death.

I think the amount of life should be increased, or weapon damage reduced because with a rocket launcher you can kill with one shot. The shield works well, but you have to have a very quick reaction to block the incoming rocket. Also, the player has very great control over the rockets and can easily kill players hiding behind the walls.

I think the belt to the shield should be blue because it is easy to confuse it with health. also dash should have longer recharge time,

Doors sometimes is confusing because players think they can be opened. I think players should have possibility of open doors, and enter to closed locations.

Sound of walking is annoying when you play longer because the stamping is a bit too loud.

Using a jump you can hurt your allies which allows you to kill top players even if they are in your team.

This is a handful of useful information that I have been able to observe, and I think they will be useful in improving the game. And now I'm back to drawing grass xD


Weapon Charging - Gun Balancing of the Laser Rifle?

Vigilante Gaming 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 7

Topic of Interest: As many know, the laser rife and rocket launcher are rather over powered dealing a large amount of damage to ones mechar hull. In this post I will discuss a possible nerf method of some weapons in mechar.io.

Possible Solution: Instead, why not change the capability of this weapon by making it charge up to give slight range and damage additions the longer it is charged. The lower the charge, the lower the damage result against the enemy mechar. While on the other spectrum, if you land a long-charged shot its damage would double in damage (varying on whether the enemy mechar has shields or low health). Again this only applies if the person isn't using their shield at the moment of impact — if they're to use their shield, the projectile would be negotiable. Some may ask, "How would we charge the weapons?" This question has a fairly simple answer for the fact that the player could hold their left mouse button and release when the charge is done (or at any time in the charge) thus causing a discharge of the projectile.


Dead game?

Ifram 3 years ago updated by Seva Kotletki s pureschoy 3 years ago 4

Is this game dead (like hexagor.io) or will it be updated?


Matchmaking group

savage doge 3 years ago 0

In the European server, there is a lot of lobbies, I was wondering if you could add a matchmaking group